BELOBOT is free robot for OlympTrade. This robot can work automatically or as a trading assistant.

BELOBOT not affiliated with OlymTrade developers

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How does Olymp Trade Robot work?
Olymp Trade Robot works in two modes:
1. Automatic mode - the Robot automatically concludes a new deal at the moment the previous one ends. If the forecast is not justified, the robot makes a new deal in such a way that the new deal justifies the failed forecast. In automatic mode, you turn off the robot yourself when it earns a sufficient amount.
2. Manual mode - in this mode, the robot only insures you. You make a deal yourself. In case your prediction was not justified, the robot will automatically conclude a new deal. If your prediction was correct, the robot will not enter into a new deal.

How to install and configure Olymp Trade Robot?
You can try the robot for free on a demo account. But to use a robot on a real account, you need to register an account via an affiliate link
The Olymp Trade Robot is a Google Chrome browser extension.
You can set up a robot to generate more income. You can learn more about setting up the robot from our video tutorials on YouTube


You can try the robot on any account, but only on the demo account. To make the robot trade on a real account, you need to register for OlympTrade via an affiliate link. Do not forget that before registering you need to log out of your account on OlympTrade!

It is forbidden to use third-party software at Olymp Trade. But this robot cannot be detected. The robot emulates keystrokes like a real user. We are not aware of any cases of blocking for using the robot.

1. Trade in high yield pairs
2. Trade in a trend
3. Do not put too high an initial transaction amount
4. Having earned 10% of the deposit, stop the robot and evaluate the market

BELOBOT not affiliated with OlymTrade developers.